How do you balance your time with the need to educate your clients? 

Easy: Purchase a one year subscription to Guiding Light University and give away the class to your clients! Everyone appreciates the gift of education!

All materials your client receives directs them back to you for plan implementation or for them to purchase more solutions from you!! 


(What’s In It For Me?)

1. Satisfied Clients thanking you for giving them the gift of education!

2. Referrals — and a bunch of them

3. Terrific prospecting tool!

4. Educate your best client’s office staff, or that 401(k) you manage — without a time commitment on your part!

5. Money back guarantee.


(What’s In It For My Client?)

1. Gratefulness. An educated client will make informed decisions and use you to implement their plan!

2. The ability to feel that you care about them, that you’re giving them something without expecting anything in return, and you’re not calling them “to sell them something.”

3. Unlimited access to nearly 6 hours of financial instruction!

What Clients Receive

When you purchase a one year subscription for $995, you receive 100 subscriptions to give away to anyone you want. That’s only $10 per person. You will receive tracking information of who signs in, and progress information as they travel through the course. 

This information will allow you to contact your client and congratulate them on their progress, check to see if they have any questions, or encourage them to sign up — if they haven’t. Your guidance and involvement will solidify your position as their trusted advisor — earning you the opportunity to manage more of their money!

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(Over 3 1/2 hours of instruction)

A Desire to Leave a Legacy (34:52 minutes)

Recognizing the Need For a Plan (16:20)

Evaluating Your Needs Wants and Goals (16:40)

Courage For The Journey (24:26)

Investments (2 parts. Part one (ss:ss) Part two (ss:ss)

Professional Management Team (41:44)

Estate Planning Documents (24:37)

bonus track

7 Bonus Tracks

(Over 2 additional hours of instruction)

1. Trust Made Easy (31:34)

2. Understanding Retirement Accounts (Like an IRA and 401(K)) (23:51)

3. Professional Designations (CFP, CLU, CHFC, CPA and others) (11:45)

4. How Assets Transition and Why You Must Know This (17:11)

5. The ETHICAL Needs Process (7:49)

6. Annuities, The Veil Removed (13:02)

7. Important Insurance Considerations (31:25)

Your clients also receive:

Financial Advisors

Your clients will receive the 165 page companion workbook. This comprehensive workbook allows client engagement, fill in the blank, and notes as they move through the course. YOU will want to SEE this when they finish!

Financial planning

This 45 page downloadable PDF allows clients to store all their important information, like: Where is the Safety Deposit Box, and who has the key! YOU will want to SEE this when they finish!

Financially Empower Women

eBook delivered

Move Forward

Purchase the One Year Subscription HERE via the secure Guiding Light Books website.

GLU will build your Teacher page — which is branded to you. 

You will receive your Subscription KEY

Give away your KEY to up to 100 people you choose! (IF you need more, then an additional purchase is required, in increments of 25.)

Your unique KEY will only allow your clients to access your Teacher page, where your information is!

They sign in to GLU and have full access to the course.

You receive updates via email as to who signs in, and as they complete each class! You decide how to communicate with them as they progress through the course!


Simple and straightforward:

If you have given away at least 25 subscriptions (out of 100) and you do not earn at least $2,000 in commission or advisory fees (annualized), then all you have to do is notify GLU and we will provide you a full refund of your subscription fee. We are so confident that you will earn your client trust, and therefore more of your client money to manage, that we make this simple, yet powerful guarantee. No questions asked!

NOTE: If you leave the industry for any reason, the guarantee does not apply.